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Spotify ha pagado ya $3000 millones en regalías

TOOLS FOR USE IN SPOTIFY Link your account profile Spotify and your artist page!

ARTIST SPOTIFY you possible know who and where you listen! and track the performance of  your artist image on Spotify! To claim your Artist Account Here
Opening Spotify  for Artists  has led to the development of new marketing tools for our artists. And as we are committed to the independence of the artists we wanted to share this news with everyone!
The most important is the ability to link your Spotify account to your artist page and to follow your stats. Who listens to your songs, from where? What is your music playlist? even manage your artist image.

That way the whole movement arising through your account, followers, playlists, avatar, etc. will be related to your artist page.

When someone comes now follows you on your profile normal Spotify account, your discography linked not appear. Your account will appear artist itself. And it is not necessary to have 250 followers to verify an account.

How to do it?

FOR ACCESSING SPOTIFY (s validates a free account) ARTIST

Remember you must have a common SPOTIFY ARTIST earlier. 
It also allows  ADD BIOGRAPHY and  Sell merchandaising 

To do this simply by signing up to

And also include concerts, with connection to: Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, and AXS. Do not forget us besides these four platforms ticket you can To include ANY LINK Sales ! Even a direct sales using your own PayPal account for example.
spotifySpotify since its inception has continued to grow and increase royalties generated rightsholders.According to information obtained by Billboard , Spotify has paid  $ 300 million in the first quarter That being so far  Spotify has paid $ 3 billion in royalties since its launch in 2008.
The growth is significant. Spotify is responsible for an important part of the overall revenue generated via streaming. 

According to the report from IFPI  subscriptions have generated revenues of $ 5,050 million between 2009 and 2014,  of which $ 4,400 million were recorded music revenue editorial rights are located cercade the $ 640 million assuming 10.5% of service revenues and the costs of royalties to 72.5% equivalent. So while revenues were nearly $ 5,100 million between 2009 and 2014,  Spotify paid about $ 2,500 million or if half of global streaming service revenues . In any case the importance of the platform in generating new revenue under the new business models of the digital industry in the XXI century is evident. Do not stay out.

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