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Vision, Mission and Objectives

ErMusicTV  - ERD Music and its multiple media platforms  were created to  encourage independent music industry .

We provide a comprehensive platform for promotion, services and distribution of musical content for all artists and the people who live and dream by and for music.

Being at the forefront of digital media, web TV, streaming audio and video, tools, features and applications and other technological developments in media and content distribution in the digital age, at the dawn of the millennium. Disseminate artists and music of all genres worldwide. We are a global company since 2012 with a strong position in the recording and music media market.

Protect, respect and enforce the cultures, values, traditions and customs, as well as copyright and intellectual property of musicians, artists, writers, composers and artists in general and their sources of income, and in this sense  combat piracy,  and criminal activities that infringe, violate, violate intellectual property rights and resulting inmassive losses .

    Promoting the music industry.Provide infrastructure, investment and services needed to be innovative, strong and self sustaining. Providing services to artists and indispensable tools for the promotion, dissemination, creation, production, design, distribution, marketing and sale of music nationally and internationally, as well as companies and suppliers of independent record sector. 
    Be innovative and technologically always at the forefront of the music industry.Contribute, cooperate, collaborate and make decisions, actions and policies, with artists, companies, organizations and institutions, private and public, domestic and international.
    Provide the necessary services for artists.

    Promoting the music industry, support the productive sector activity, increase profitability and benefits, providing global distribution and promotion.

    Offer a comprehensive product portfolio and services, complete and updated.

    Provide the necessary resources and help them grow in domestic and international markets. Increasing the rankings music markets. 

    Having high technology, creative level, innovation and development, in order to provide more and better tools and resources.

    Achieve a creative, innovative, flexible and adaptable to changing culture. Modern but with a deep indigenous roots.

    Ensure continuous improvement of quality, services and infrastructure. 

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