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Membership ERMusic Premium
Plus of US $ 45 per month

The advertising package in addition to the PLUS also includes: 
Explosions of Twitter every week!It will boost your earnings, sales and more audience on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more links and links to Bandcamp tickets, merchandising, Datpiff, Reverbnation and more compatible links with optional attachments.

We share your posts on Pinterest and Facebook!  YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, 
Complete the form, attach your video files, images, etc. Register now! 

Benefits of the ERMusic Premium Membership:
- From 10 to 50 + of your videos will be in our general lists. Compatibility with 4K and HDR.
- Insert the player on any page from your video.
- Share the list on all your networks, send them to the media and give them broadcast!

You also receive:
- ERD Music® YOUR record label! Under Creative Commons 4.0 International Recognition License. Allowed the Commercial Use of Our Logos and Brands.
- Tools to share your lists with your videos in +190 App and Social Networks
- You can embed or insert the lists with your videos on your own platforms and push your promotion!
- Distribution and marketing
- Your fans anywhere in the world can viralize your content using their networks.
- You can share video albums and your albums and EP releases, Singles
and new music that we will then make viral.

- Live broadcast of shows.
- Stream Q & A! The fans love it!

Are you about to release your album ?, a single? release your song or album with ERD Music !! DO IT! Are you going to release an EP next Friday of music or on Monday? Add in the design of your cover or logo the iso and brand of ERD Music that best fits and you will access a launch support in social networks and media. You can also see material growing in organic positioning. Yes! We really did it! All included in the cost of the monthly or annual membership. 

If you are a small independent production company, author, artist or non-profit, it is also great news that we release our brands and can access a global distribution agreement. Small brands (small fish, as the sharks of music often say) can not grow except when they become subsidiaries.

Become our Business Partner and you will not have to give up much of your profits, pay for brand use and finance everything, including distribution, packaging, shipping, etc. For Business contact via: 

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