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Here are the easiest way to advertise your music on our website. We receive thousands of visits per month from a diverse and multinational audience of music listeners allowing reach audiences around the world.

Complete the Form with your data. Attach your videos! 
Select the amount you 'll invest in your advertising campaign video or your favorite artist, length  

($ 10 x 7 days - $ 20 for 1 month - $ 35 for 2 months - $ 50 for 3 months - $ 75 for 4 months advertising and entry TOP 200 Videos - $ 100 for 6 months of advertising and entry to the TOP 100 Videos on our lists 
- $ 150 for 9 months of advertising Music & Videos! 
- $ 250 for 1 YEAR  Top Music VIDEOS!

- $ 350 per 1 YEAR ADVERTISING VIDEOS TOP Music Videos!
- $ 500 per 1 YEAR TOP Music Videos!

Advertising packages also include: 
Explosion Twitter  (x2 per week for all the time you hire advertising campaign, remember The longer your video on lists and sharing on social networks and other platforms, more profit, more sales and more audiences)
Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more compatible ticktes links to sales and merchandising !! 
Artist website and other links to (for example) Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Datpiff, Reverbnation and more links compatible with optional attachments! 

We share your posts on Pinterest and Facebook!  And every publication has an impressive viral potential thanks to the tools and apps that have our platforms!

Banners  (prices and duration of banner campaigns are the same)
are another good option and a combination of banners, social media and videos on lists will be stunning and great impact for your brand: 250 x 250, 336 x 280, 300 x 250 and more! 
Attached image files (.jpg, .jpeg.png, .gif) and send an email with all the information you wantpublish!
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