The advertising package also includes:  
Explosions of Twitter 2 - 5 per week! It will boost your earnings, sales and more audience on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud,  Bandcamp tickets, merchandising, Datpiff, Reverbnation and more compatible links with optional attachments.

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Benefits of the ERMusic PRO Membership:
- From 5 to 10 of your videos will be in our general lists. Compatibility with 4K and HDR.
- Insert the player on any page from your video.
- Share the list on all your networks, send them to the media and give them broadcast!
Distribution Agreement 
- ERD Music® YOUR record label! Under Creative Commons 4.0 International Recognition License. Allowed the Commercial Use of Our Logos and Brands.
- Acces to +190 App and Social Networks
- You can embed or insert the lists with your videos on your own platforms and push your promotion!
- Distribution and marketing
- Your fans anywhere in the world can viralize your content using their networks.
- You can share video and your albums and EP releases, Singles and new music that we will then make viral.
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Achieving professional status for an artist and living their music requires great effort and teamwork. For us it is a great emotion, when thanks to our services you can reach your goals, you achieve a top, you receive a nomination to a music award or some distinction. It's great!
Become our Business Partner and you will not have to give up much of your profits, pay for brand use and finance everything, including distribution, packaging, shipping, etc. For Business contact via: