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Safety Standards by COVID 19

With reference to the current events, economic, financial, social and political crises surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to inform you that:

We are taking measures to protect the health of our team members in relation to the unprecedented situation and risks of COVID-19. We resolved; Through videoconferences, teleworking and multisessions, as well as virtual offices, the need for staff to come to our offices.

ERD Music, ErMusic TV, radio, press, agencies and associates, as well as LYS Group and all its divisions continue to operate but with all staff in their homes and in quarantine, until there is no life risk, beyond political decisions. in each country and region.
We will not put the life or health of our staff, partners, members, clients, suppliers at risk; Nor is it that of the general public. The company has already communicated days ago to transmit security and tranquility to all our teams and staff regarding the continuity of the employment relationship, with the same hours and income, and we simply hope that they respect quarantine, their safety, that of their families. , loved ones and everyone around you.

Without exception, the safety and health of our colleagues and employees is our top priority. Therefore, we have recommended that all employees who can work from home do so. This applies to all locations.

Our colleagues have accepted this offer in its entirety, and management has ensured that the technical requirements for working from home are met.

We are confident that we will continue to be fully operational despite the completely new situation. However, we would like to ask for your understanding if delays occur in certain areas. If an upgrade, service, or product is delivered later than planned, rest assured that we will do our best to minimize any delays.

Let's continue working for the artistic community; that today more than ever they need us. This will be a long way for many people.

Regarding the Musical Promotion Funds, the international ERD Music Fund is available to countries, national, provincial, municipal and municipal governments that require it: all over the world. All of our resources are focused on supporting and supporting the artistic community.

Cultural institutions, schools, academies, universities, tertiaries, training centers and individuals who need funds or aid; read all the information, you will have
-A record contract and a global distribution agreement.
- They do not assign rights of any kind.
- You can make use of our logos and brands.
- They access NON-REFUNDABLE funds for the promotion of their music and content, as well as music and merchandising stores, if they contribute 5% of the total contract that we offer them, to allocate it to other artists or institutions. We want to reward SOLIDARITY. If they contribute with others, they return only 5% of the advance of funds and not the whole as in a normal contract.

By using our hashtags #ERD # ERD25 #ERDMusic #ERDFund #ErMusicTV and sharing the music charts of your favorite music genre, you contribute to the promotion of all the artists, producers, record labels and others involved in each artistic production. Each list has 200 promoted videos. Many of them monetize on YouTube and receive advertising revenue. Many include links to music and merchandising stores in their videos.

For 60 days the promotion of artists, groups and their videos is FREE! and does not imply any promotional cost!

The more than 100 video channels, promoted and distributed on our three platforms ErMusicTV Latin - ErMusicTV Rock & Pop and our classical music signal ErMusicTV Classical
They are FREE throughout 2020! Free entertainment for the whole family!

Available on all types of devices and displays. They do not require applications (App) or any extra plugin, software or program. Videos are not HD to decrease data usage. They can connect without limits on the number of devices or users. Share with your family and friends!

Thank you for your understanding, take care of yourselves, take care of yours and others! Keep in touch!

Lucio A. Stoppello
CEO ERD Music / ErMusicTV
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